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We produce Vats since 1943


A long and prestigious tradition

For 80 years Nico Velo has had a long and prestigious tradition in the production of concrete wine vats.

Our strenghts are:

  • A wide range of products and accessories;
  • Long-lasting quality and design;
  • Integrated temperature control with the aid of digitally controlled probes;
  • Integrated interior lighting;
  • Customised designs.


Our range of Vats

The vats produced by Nico Velo S.p.a. are unique because unique is the territory in which they are designed and built. The composition of the material itself is fundamental as the aggregates used for the construction of our Tini are the best for their uniqueness. Nature lends an important hand with the purity of the resurgent waters in which Fontaniva is rich (fons-viva). The use of these materials allows the wine to be stored in a completely natural environment, as alive as the wine itself. The uniqueness of the product is its added value as well as being one of the current trends in the field of oenology.

Atlas CONVEX TRUNCATED PYRAMID-SHAPED VATAtlas Atlas combines form and function, allowing oenologists and producers to highlight the special features…
Cilindrica Cylindrical VatCilindrica This vat reflects the shape of traditional wine-making 'barrels'. The design stems from the need to…
Elegance Truncated pyramid-shaped VatElegance Elegance is the natural evolution of Quadra allowing, in addition to optimal space management customised…
Quadra Parallelepiped VatQuadra Quadra was born from the need to optimise winefication space by adapting to the speciications of…
Tulipe Truncated cone-shaped VatTulipe Tulipe presents itself as a concrete 'monolith' whose shape is reminiscent of a goblet. The…

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