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Our story

NICO VELO S.p.A. was founded in 1943 in Fontaniva in the province of Padua as an artisan company in the housing sector.

In the years that followed, it first undertook the production of cement tanks for water and wine collection and then, among the first in Italy, the production of precast pre-stressed elements for industrial and commercial construction. Since the early years it has always stood out for its innovative ideas and the high technological content of its cement products. In the field of concrete wine vats, in 2005 the company developed and patented the world’s first integrated temperature control system for wine. The international breakthrough came in 2009 when the company realised, for a prestigious French winery, a series of Monolithic Vats with sinuous and elegant lines where quality, technology and design come together for the first time. In the same years, the company introduces, after years of studies and tests, a new plaster made of cement material as an alternative to epoxy resin as an internal coating for the Tini, in line with the new ecological trends, thus enabling the peculiar characteristics of cement wine vats to be amplified and fully exploited.

From that moment on, Nico Velo became synonymous worldwide with high-end Cement Vats for wine. In 2012 the Tulipe was born, an iconic product that is still a Best Seller today in its different colours. In 2019 Atlas was born, followed in 2022 by Elite and Hydria, which finds inspiration in the world of wine amphorae. Today, the company presents a wide range of concrete wine vats to meet every need in the wine industry. Production is located in the Carmignano di Brenta plant and occupies 8,000 square metres of dedicated production area.


Thermal inertia and temperature control

Thanks to its high thermal inertia and insulating properties, concrete allows the temperature of what is inside to be stabilised precisely and gradually, preventing sudden temperature differences in the external environment from affecting the wine inside during the entire fermentation process. These qualities also make it an ideal medium for the maturation and ageing of the wine itself.

Nico Velo also offers a patented temperature control system.
By using a thermoregulation system inside the thickness of the cement, it allows considerable benefits thanks to the technical specifications of the material itself and is also extremely practical during the cleaning phase as it is not in direct contact with the wine.


Nico Velo concrete vats allow maximum expression of the intrinsic characteristics of the grape variety and its terroir of origin.
Concrete allows the wine to express good structure, and gives greater integrity to the wine’s fruity and floral notes.

and electromagnetic stability

During its maturation, concrete incorporates tiny air voids that allow the gradual diffusion of very small amounts of oxygen into the wine placed within it without any invasive intervention.

This is evidenced by the absence of the oxidation-reduction effect typical of many stainless steel tanks. In addition, many winemakers have resumed or never stopped using cement vats that have been suitably treated also due to the low electrical conductivity of the material itself.

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